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Dwelling- Moment I
YUAN Goang-Ming
NO. 20150092
Year 2014
Max Size
120 x 180 x 3.5 cm
Digital photograph
Artwork Appreciation
YUAN Goang-Ming’s Dwelling – moment I captured the serenity of the video work titled Dwelling prior to the disconcerting changes. The picture shows a small yet finely furnished living room. The newspaper and teapot on the table suggested that the owner has just left. However, this seemingly ordinary setting hides something bizarre. Rays of light from the sunset, floating pages of the open book, and fine bubbles floating about showed that the entire place was underwater. The peaceful setting we see here is the calm before the storm. YUAN Goang-Ming employs Heidegger’s philosophical investigation of human residence, using theatrical construction and destruction to reflect the difficulties, challenges, insecurity, and depression encountered in everyday life.