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Disappearing Landscape- August
YUAN Goang-Ming
NO. 20130153
Year 2007
Max Size
150 x 150 x 4 cm
Digital photograph
Artwork Appreciation
In his early work on “City Disqualified,” artist YUAN Goang-Ming combined computer technology with traditional photo shooting to overlap the images and space from different time. The people and cars were removed from the image to leave a modality of existence for certain things while presenting the traces of time. This work, “Disappearing Landscape - August” extends the image removal approach. He first scans the branches and leaves before going through computer image processing, to remove the veins from the leaves. Although he still preserves the shape and aesthetic texture of the leaves, the characteristics of the leaves are also wiped out. The artist has created a spectacular phenomenon that distorts the existing reality, which implies the common position of people living in globalization today.