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Landscape of Energy-Pause
YUAN Goang-Ming
NO. 20160274
Year 2014
Max Size
150 x 219 x 5.5 cm
Digital photograph
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
YUAN Goang-Ming uses analogies and combines technological media to convey aspects of modern lifestyles. Landscape of Energy-Pause is an extension to the discussions on topics regarding ruins, homes, and residences. Nearly one hundred photographs were taken from the same location, which were then overlapped to form a surreal montage composed only of beach umbrellas, plastic chairs, bags, and shoes, yet devoid of any people. Nuclear Power Plant 3 is located within the image, imposing a sense of insecurity and danger that contrast against the joyous atmosphere of the beach. YUAN Goang-Ming uses this theatrical composition to consider the limited solutions for issues faced by civilization and the need for residency.