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Q & A
Is this program open to non-Taiwanese citizens?
No, we are sorry, but only R.O.C. citizens may apply.
With regard to my artwork and this program, what do I have to do?
You are welcome to contact us. We are glad to help you with any of your questions.
When does Taiwan Art Bank's open call for artwork submissions take place?
Mid- to late-December to late-February of the following year.
Do I need to frame the artwork submitted for the Art Bank acquisition program?
Artworks at the Art Bank often need to be handled and displayed in public locations. For security and conservation reasons, the “leasable” artwork is recommended to be professionally framed and mounted to be easily handled and appreciated for a wider audience.
I run an art gallery. Can I register as an agent for the Art Bank acquisition program?
Yes. Art galleries and other agencies can act as a agent to submit the artwork to the Art Bank acquisition program.
Art Rental
Can we lease pieces of the artwork acquisition abroad?
Yes, we are keen to promote Taiwanese artists abroad. The charges will depend on specific cases. Please contact us for more information.
Can I personally lease an artwork for my own home?
Currently the Art Bank does not accept applications from the natural person (individual).
What is a suitable site & space for the artwork?
To protect the quality and security of the artwork on display, the indoor public spaces without direct/indirect contact with extreme weathers or environments is required. Basic air conditioning with supervision or monitoring system is recommended.
How do you ensure the artwork's security while exhibited in my space?
All artworks will be set up and dismantled by professional exhibition personnel that ensure their security during exhibition. That being said , the lessee is also responsible for looking after the artworks. Please keep an eye on the artworks during exhibition and prevent people from touching the work on purpose. We also suggest that the lessee buy general artwork insurance (wall-to-wall insurance) to safeguard not only the artworks but also both parties'interests. In the case that any abnormal circumstance arises, please contact us immediately so that we can handle it.
What should I do if the artwork is stolen or sabotaged?
In case of theft or sabotage, the person involved in the theft or sabotage is liable for compensation. If said person cannot be reached, the lessee is responsible for compensation. When such an incident occurs, we suggest immediately making contact and a photo record of the person involved in the theft or sabotage or retrieving surveillance camera images. If such an incident involves insurance compensation, please follow the relevant rules as prescribed by general artwork insurance.
Art Licensing
How can I apply for the authorized use of Taiwan Art Bank images?
If you are interested in applying for authorization, please contact us. Cost and fees regarding authorization of images will vary on a case-by-case basis.
What are the image resolution and specifications of the digital images that Art Bank provides?
At Art Bank, we digitalize all purchased artworks into images, whether the artworks are two-dimensional or three-dimensional. The files are available in both RGB and CMYK formats, with resolution ranging from 150 to 400 dpi. We provide images with appropriate resolution based on individual cases that undergo internal assessment.
Why do I need to pay a deposit in addition to paying the authorization fee?
This must be done to satisfy the Taiwan Art Bank digital content program. Each single application that incurs a fee equal to or greater than 1,000 New Taiwan Dollars should pay an additional deposit (which is 20% of the authorization fee). The deposit will be returned to the applicant, without interest, once the applicant returns the digital content to Taiwan Art Bank and has been found to not have violated any rules.
How are for-profit use and non-profit use defined?
Non-profit use means the content is used for non-profit purposes, such as academic research, publication of academic papers, or other educational promotion and activities with public-interest characteristics. Products that have no price tags, such as gifts or not-for-sale products, but are given along with the commercial trade or are used for intermediate profits, cannot be considered “non-profit use”. Art Bank reserves the right to further clarify this definition.
How long will it take after submitting the application before receiving the digital images?
This process takes an average of about 5 to 7 working days. However, Taiwan Art Bank may need to contact the artist out of respect for his/her rights, which may take some time. Therefore, we suggest that applicants inquire as soon as possible if a particular artwork interests them.