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Each year, Art Bank Taiwan regularly open calls for artwork submissions for “Art Bank Acquisition”. Submissions will be turned over to the “Art Bank Acquisition Committee” for further assessment. We encourage all artists to join this program.
01 Online Application
Please log onto the Art Bank "Registration" section to register your information and the artwork online. An e-mail confirmation will be automatically sent by the system.
Step 1:Online Application
02 Preliminary Review
If work has been chosen
After the preliminary round, an e-mail will be sent to notify the applicant for submitting the original artwork for final review (works on a flat surface must be framed).
If your work has not been chosen
We thank you for your participation. Please keep a copy of all the data that you have provided for the preliminary evaluation. The data submitted to Taiwan Art Bank will not be returned to the applicant.
Step 2:Preliminary Review
03 Final Review
If your work has been chosen after the second-round evaluation
We will notify the applicant of this result by both e-mail and phone. Later, the applicant should follow the relevant steps to negotiate a price and sign the contract(s).
If you are disqualified for application
We thank you for your participation. Taiwan Art Bank will return all disqualified works and cover the transportation and insurance fees incurred during such return.
Step 3:Final Review
04 Contract Signing
Contracts must be signed before any artwork purchase is completed.
Step 5:Contract Signing
Important Notices
1. Please contact the Art Bank staff regarding the online registration process. Should there be any problem for accessing, please contact our staff. In addition, you can save your electronic registration form, photograph, and video files onto a compact disk to be delivered to the Art Bank via registered post. 2. Fees incurred during packing or related to transport and insurance during submissions for second-round evaluation are the sole responsibility of the applicant. Submitted artworks should be carefully packed. Two-dimensional artworks must be framed, while three-dimensional artworks must be transported in hard-shell cases. Any damage will be the sole responsibility of the applicant.
Citizens of the Republic of China (Taiwan) are eligible for entry. The applicant can either be the artist or an agent.
Acquisition Categories
We would primarily like to receive visual artworks, regardless of medium, technique, or theme. However, please note that the works should be suitable for preservation, circulation, transportation, and public exhibition.