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About Us
Run by the Taiwan Fine Art Foundation as an important part of the Ministry of Culture, Art Bank Taiwan is dedicated to encouraging the creation of art, supporting contemporary Taiwanese artists, and building an environment for diverse art appreciation. Currently, we have collected more than 2,521 contemporary Taiwanese artworks through purchase and provide a “lease-only” artwork leasing service to both public and private institutions. We intend to bring these artworks to different spaces to make possible the expression of values, vitality, and creativity in these institutions.
A Rich and Diverse Acquisition of Artworks
At Art Bank Taiwan, we have purchased and own a rich and diverse acquisition of contemporary Taiwanese artworks, including Chinese paintings, eastern gouache, calligraphy, oil paintings, watercolors, prints, acrylic paintings, sculpture, photography, mixed-media, drawing, installation art, and new media. The diversity of our acquisition will definitely satisfy any of your needs.
Affordable Prices, Professional Leasing Service
We provide not only professional art consultation services but also tailor-made integrated services. At a friendly, affordable price, we can help you create the most fantastic atmosphere in your space. Bring art along with you in your daily life and feel the warmth of art and life combined. Let art be the foundation of your daily life.
Unleashing Creativity Through Digital Images and Making Art Fun
We also provide authorization services for the use of digital images and welcome collaboration for academic research, promotional or educational purposes, publications, or designs derived from the artworks. Let us work together to bring the best part of art to more people through all means.