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Capturing the Center
YUAN Goang-Ming
NO. 20160275
Year 2012
Max Size
65 x 112 x 6 cm
Video (colour, silent)
Artwork Appreciation
YUAN Goang-Ming’s works focus on new possibilities for creating video art. Capturing the Center displays the process of video generation and attempts to reconsider the relationships between “daily and existing knowledge”, “videos”, and “objects”. The image shows a raised hand placing the tip of the pen at the center of the image. When viewing the image, the viewer will think that the pen is moving constantly. However, when compared against the actual intersecting lines on the screen, people will realize that it is the external world that moves, while the pen remains still. YUAN Goang-Ming uses video recordings to investigate inner and outside worlds, invoke self-reflection amongst viewers, and reverse stereotypes for everyday items that we take for granted.