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The Smiling Rocking Horse
YUAN Goang-Ming
NO. 20150091
Year 2011
Max Size
63.8 x 95.5 x 8.8 cm
Video (colour, sound) with monitor
Artwork Appreciation
YUAN Goang-Ming makes smart compositions of videos and actual objects, using moving and still elements to generate novel perspectives of scenes that people take for granted in their everyday lives. Such works evoke ideas and encourage viewers to think about reality as shown by the video. The Smiling Rocking Horse shows a seemingly ordinary family video with a girl happily riding a rocking horse. Once the girl leaves, the rocking horse comes to a stop before the screen turns black, revealing a curved strip of wood fastened to the screen and illustrating that the rocker of the toy has always been static in this moving world. This video was an attempt to investigate the interaction between media and objects, illustrated by the unchanging rocker contrasted against the changing world.