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Things Are Starting to Hum
KAO Ya-Ting
NO. 20140182
Year 2007
Max Size
130 x 162 x 4.8 cm
Oil on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
KAO Ya-Ting’s works have always focused upon the contradictory attraction and separation between the human race and nature, and the artist employs art to illustrate her fantasies and imaginations. Things are Starting to Hum is yet another work of her Hive series. Under a hazy and graduated blue background, three beekeepers clad in protective suits of different colors are collecting honey from the bees. The plants around them have also been given splendorous colors. The beehives themselves are only given outlines and deprived of any coloring. Bees are presented as spots of different shades swarming about in the air. This fantasy image portrays humans in their dreams of conquering nature, and communicates KAO Ya-Ting’s observations and ideas about the relationship between cities and the natural world.