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Twin Peaks 2
KAO Ya-Ting
NO. 20200016
Year 2019
Max Size
135.4 x 174.7 x 5 cm
Oil on canvas
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
Living as we do in the Internet age, we can easily go on-line to view all the beautiful spots around the world and enjoy looking at classic works of art—ancient, modern, Chinese, or foreign. Such a surreal, multilayered viewing experience has profoundly influenced Kao Ya-Ting’s creative vocabulary, but for her, the ultimate purpose of all appropriation, cutting-and-pasting, and other techniques returns to painting itself, as she attempts to approach the heart of painting in different ways and to awaken within viewers expanded room for free imagination. In Twin Peaks 2, completed in 2019, she attempted to blend scenes from history, reality, and fantasy. It seems to be a traditional Chinese landscape painting with towering mountains, but it is painted with bright, complex, iridescent colors, so that the whole composition is filled with a fluid vitality. This splendid scene with humanistic care, also causes us to reflect on the subtle relationships between the people of today and nature.