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Queenbee No.6
KAO Ya-Ting
NO. 20140180
Year 2013
Max Size
71 x 51 x 2 cm
Screen print
Artwork Appreciation
KAO Ya-Ting’s works have always focused upon the contradictory attraction and separation between the human race and nature. KAO Ya-Ting made use of art to illustrate her fantasies and imaginations, and is skilled in using bright, pastel colors to create a seemingly natural visuals of abstract realism. Queenbee No. 6 of the Hive series used bright neon colors to create a portrait of a lady whose body is covered by a layer of brightly colored bees, leaving only her hair and face exposed. People naturally won’t willingly allow their bodies to be covered in bees. But to KAO Ya-Ting, the work depicts mankind and their fantasy to conquer nature. KAO Ya-Ting’s works communicate her ideas and emotions as well as her imaginations and observations of both urban and natural landscapes.