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Baby Soldier I
NO. 20190197
Year 2016
Max Size
87.5 x 88 x 4.7 cm
Oil and carbon on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
To explore the relationship between future technology and human existence, HUANG Zan-Lun creates hybrids of humans or animals in mechanical forms. In Baby Soldier I, a portrait of a child's head is drawn. The immature expressionless face is composed of mechanical parts. The neck shows the skeleton structure of metal texture in a sketched way. HUANG Zan-Lun thinks about the future: In the face of technology, the boundaries between humans and machines are becoming more and more blurred. How should people go about imagining and betting on the unknown, juxtaposing virtual and real, letting the future meet the present? The artist proposes why robots should be made in the appearance of "humans." Is the existence of "robots" imitating humans at some level?