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Monkey See, Monkey Do
NO. 20180064
Year 2016
Max Size
172 x 126 x 5 cm
Oil, gold and copper foil and charcoal on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
HUANG Zan-Lun is involved in image, sculpture and graphic creations. He attempts to explore the real value of human beings from the imagination of hybrid creatures and human-machine monsters. The little girl in the work, Monkey See, Monkey Do, is actually a robot. Under the appearance of her seemingly human body, there is a body that is constructed by machinery. She is playing with an antler in her hands and seems to be trying to imitate the movements and postures of a deer. HUANG Zan-Lun believes that the existence of robots is a certain level of imitation of human beings. The little girl naively imagines herself as a deer and unconsciously imitates its behavior, as if she has entered a disordered state of hybrid species. With an unreal, virtual imagination, HUANG Zan-Lun proposes an unknown vision of the existence of life and future civilization.