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Horned - Rhinoceros Beetle
NO. 20170076
Year 2015
Max Size
Ø68 cm x 5.2 cm
Oil, copper foil and epoxy resin on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
HUANG Tsan-Lun investigates the dominating relationships that civilization and progress have over the life of other animals. Horned-Rhinoceros Beetle is a painting of imaginations that go beyond species boundaries. He used the human form as the base to showcase a fluidic nature of physical form of the species. Despite having a human form, the creature is not a mere human. It is itself a novel species that does not imitate anything else. HUANG Tsan-Lun attempts to recommend possibilities where different species can co-exist. The overlapping imagery is used as a means to contemplate human awareness of the existence and meaning of life.