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NO. 20160180
Year 2015
Max Size
115.5 x 115.5 x 10 cm
Oil and Gold leaf on Canvas
Artwork Appreciation
HUANG Tsan-Lun’s artworks focus on the definitions of life, portraying lifeforms that seem to be an amalgamation of different animals, machines, and humans. The idea of Horned is unlike the “bionic concept” involved in his previous works of kinetic sculpture. Instead, HUANG Tsan-Lun creates brand new life forms for this art series. It may have a humanoid form, but it is not human. It does not attempt to mimic other creatures, and is instead a unique species in its own right. The seemingly misshapen mutant features are part of the physical evolution of the subject portrayed in the artwork. HUANG Tsan-Lun proposes a concept of “becoming” by coming up with possible forms of mutual-existence of different live beings.