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The Wings Series- Worker Bee
NO. 20130317
Year 2012
Max Size
Ø68.3cm x 5.4 cm
Oil, charcole and pigment on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
HUANG Zan-Lun’s art stretches the definition of life, integrating people, animals and mechanical parts to create hybrid organisms that are part man, beast and machine. In recent years, he has turned to goldfish as a theme in his work, attempting to superimpose goldfish, human beings and insects, like interspecies hybrid experiments. In The Wings Series – Worker Bee, the goldfish’s body is enveloped in misty lines, melding it with the form of an insect in an abstract way. This hybrid creature looks directly at the viewer, as if about to attack, silently challenging humanity. In this piece, Huang conveys ethical concerns about genetic modification technology, and also creates a metaphor for the consequences that humanity will bear in the name of advancement.