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Meinong Ph.D. Scholar's Feast
HO Huey-Chih
NO. 20200023
Year 2019
Max Size
110.8 x 136.1 x 5.5 cm
Oil on canvas
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
Ho Huey-Chih’s artworks primarily take Taiwanese customs as their subject-matter. This work, Meinung Ph.D. Scholar’s Feast, depicts many of the festive Hakka dishes from Meinung, Kaohsiung County, and it reflects the tradition in Meinung for attaching importance not only to farming but also learning. This painting adopts a downward perspective on a banquet, which is painted in bright colors and clear brushstrokes. Every food item is vividly outlined. Each dish has a meaning, expressing one’s expectations and blessings. For example, glutinous rice noodles represent clear order, while Meinung wild lotus represents joyous occasions. Other items reflect aspects of Meinung. For example, the white jade radish and cosmos are autumn products, and white egrets are often seen at Meinung Lake. Ho Huey-Chih pays attention not only to Meinung’s rich food culture, but also to conveying the spirit of the people of Meinung, who attach much importance to education. The painting also shows an image of a Bible with a human ear, which the artist adapts from a verse in the book of Proverbs: “The heart of an intelligent man desires knowledge; and the ear of a wise man seeks knowledge.” It tells us that the spirit of Meinung, “establishing a heritage of farming and learning,” is worthy of imitation.