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Equivocal Landscape Series No.12
NO. 20150132
Year 2008
Max Size
256.5 x 66 x 5 cm
Ink and colour on paper
Artwork Appreciation
YUAN Hui-Li’s works dissect the structure of traditional ink painting, generating a style that differs from the traditional attempts to recreate realistic scenes of natural landscapes. A fantasy approach and aesthetic was used to reflect the effects of excessive artificial construction in the natural environment, generating glue-painting artworks that convey observations of modern civilizations. Equivocal Landscape Series No.12 is a seemingly traditional artwork that turns all conventional creative approaches around. Instead of replicating natural landscapes, the artist’s work focuses on expressing a mental vocabulary of her inner consciousness. Unique dots, lines, and textures were used in place of the traditional wrinkling technique. Oddly shaped and colored mountains and rocks also create a vision of excessively artificial assemblage.