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Triangle Series
NO. 20130050
Year 2003
Max Size
64.5 x 128.4 x 2.4 cm x 2p
Ink, mineral pigments and gouache on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
Artist YUAN Hui-Li uses corresponding configuration of canvas shape and image composition in her work, “Triangle Series,” to imply the spiritual status of urban life. The shape of the canvas is usually treated as the framework and the rectangular shape of canvas is particularly popular for the presentation of integral and symmetrical visual space. In contrast, artist YUAN Hui-Li paints the traditional landscape painting with emphasis on visual extension in a narrow, triangular canvas. The painting of mountain rocks and ranges confined by the framework depicts the fragmented sceneries permanently blocked by buildings in an urban jungle filled with cement walls. The subtitle of the work, “Lost Space” and “Stubborn Sharpness” point out the intercepted vision of the city while the discomfort brought by the fragmented sceneries imply the living patterns and perception of artists.