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Please fill-in the form to contact us for any questions relating to the Art Bank. (Fields marked * are mandatory)
Please directly call our representatives for immediate inquiries, thank you!
I. The Ministry of Culture and NTMOTA require the applicant's information for the sole purpose of the Art Bank operations. All personal information is under protection of the Personal Information Protection Act and regulations.
II. The applicant may submit the following personal information at will: name, birthdate, contact info, or other information to directly/indirectly confirm the applicant's identity.
III. The applicant shall consent to the NTMOFA using the submitted personal information to confirm the applicant's identity, to contact the applicant, to provide the applicant with information regarding NTMOFA and its services, as well as using the applicant's personal information for specific purposes of NTMOFA's businesses as detailed in the Articles of Incorporation.
IV. In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, the applicant may request NTMOFA for (1) inquiry or access, (2) a backup copy, (3) supplement or modify, (4) suspension of collecting, processing, and usage, (5) deletion of the applicant's personal information.
V. Any personal information can be submitted at will. NTMOFA reserves the right to reject the applicant if the submitted information is insufficient for identification or reported as falsified identity. Please take care to verify the submitted personal information.
VI. The applicant understands that this contract is a written consent for NTMOFA to collect, process, and use the submitted personal information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act and regulations.