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Imitation Embroidered Fantasy World Series
NO. 20160131
Year 2009
Max Size
57 x 239 x 4 cm x 2p
Ink and colour on paper
Artwork Appreciation
YUAN Hui-Li revolutionized traditional landscape ink paintings to reflect upon this art style. Imitation Embroidered Fantasy World Series depicts steep yet soft mountains created using the densely embroidered wrinkling style pioneered by YUAN Hui-Li. Short wrinkles of unique color tones are stacked atop of each other, creating strange-looking rocks overlapping each other to create a semi-realistic world of fantasy. Unlike the landscape painting forms created by the traditional literati elites, YUAN Hui-Li adopted human nature as the source of her inspiration when creating various lines and focal points. The artwork represents an attempt to disassemble the orthodox form and essence of traditional landscape paintings, using a figuratively soft power to create a landscape filled with Yin energy, thereby filling in the missing presence of feminine voice in classical ink painting aesthetics.