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Northern Territory
NO. 20140132
Year 2011
Max Size
130 x 130 x 3.2 cm
Oil on canvas
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
SHIAU Ya-Hsin has a lot of experiences in traveling overseas and living in artist villages in other countries, and is skilled in using oil painting to depict her experiences living abroad as well as the relationships between people and their environments. Northern Territory illustrates the artist’s episode of life in Australia. The Northern Territory, situated in northern Australia, is sparsely populated and filled with natural landscapes untouched by human destruction. As a result of climatic factors, much of the land in this area has preserved its primal forms and is covered in red colored earth. Temperature in summer can reach as high as 42 degrees Celsius. SHIAU Ya-Hsin also observed that the mountains would sparkle with diversely colored splendors as it basks in the sun. These unique adventures have influenced the artist in special ways, and she has manifested them upon artworks while she continues to investigate her surroundings as she explores her true identity.