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The Moment IV
NO. 20200029
Year 2020
Max Size
130 x 149.7 x 3.2 cm
Oil on canvas
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
Most of the artist Hsiao Ya-Hsin’s creative work are graphic paintings. She explores topics relating to time, space, and religion with keen observation and rich imagination. She is accustomed to using a large quantity of glossy oil paints with a fluid quality as her medium for expressing change. Hsiao’s The Moment IV is one of her works that relates to time, space, and religion. Using the New Testament as inspiration, she imagines everything on the Sea of Galilee has lost weight. Oval shapes representing the twelve disciples float over the sea, waiting for the moment to meet Jesus. The densely packed vertical and horizontal lines over the sea’s surface represent the X and Y axes of space and time. This work not only reinterprets the religious classics, but also attempts to break the limitations of space and the flow of time. The blurred, illusory composition opens for the viewer an imaginative journey.