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NO. 20140134
Year 2011
Max Size
130 x 130 x 3.1 cm
Oil on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
SHIAU Ya-Hsin has traveled in Australia for more than a year. After returning to Taiwan, she created a series of oil painting in an attempt to document the spirituality of the land, the dazzling sun, and the azure lakes, leading viewers into the beauteous natural world housed within her memories. The inspiration for Bone comes from the vision she saw when traveling along the island of Tasmania next to Australia. The road is flanked by a seemingly infinite and barren expanse littered with animal remains, with the composition offering a rich layering effect of these animal’s physical forms. Being an astute and extremely sensitive observer, SHIAU Ya-Hsin has depicted every detail and personal response within the artwork. The artist regards the creation process as a means of self-improvement by which she could review and reinterpret her social and living experiences.