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NO. 20140131
Year 2012
Max Size
100 x 100 x 2.3 cm
Oil on canvas
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
SHIAU Ya-Hsin has spent more than a year traveling in Australia. Upon returning to Taiwan, she started a series of oil paintings based on the continent to share wonderful memories and beauteous sights of nature and portray the spirituality of the land, the brightness of the sun, and the blueness of the lakes. Regeneration is inspired by the colorful wings of a bird, and depicts a detached wing laid across the ground and surrounded by red blossoms to create an atmosphere of brilliant colors and dynamism. The white background accentuated the feathers while the red petals echo the natural regeneration of life. SHIAU Ya-Hsin is gifted with an acute sensitivity of her surroundings and the ability to form deep emotional attachments. Her attention to detail is fully manifested in this work and reflects upon social experiences that we could use to better ourselves.