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Shadow of Summer
HUANG Chiu-Yueh
NO. 20140572
Year 2012
Max Size
134.5 x 166.5 x 5.7 cm
Acrylic, ink, crayon and paper collage on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
HUANG Chiu-Yueh’s creative inspirations are mostly derived from her traveling experiences. Technique-wise, the artist has integrated eastern ink painting with western aesthetic approaches which establish a new venue of media application in the field of art. Shadow of Summer was based on a fleeting visual impression of the ever changing nature recreated by paint brushes. Every moment has been transformed into infinite light and color. Acrylic paint is employed on the Xuan paper canvas to express the artist’s strong passions for using chiaroscuro effects. HUANG Chiu-Yueh believes that everything in nature is a composite of light and color. Ink painting essences have been combined with western painting techniques to generate strong and colorful elements and irregular blocks to construct an assemblage of color blocks and a unique rhythmic aesthetic among the surreal and realistic components.