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Sea Memory
HUANG Chiu-Yueh
NO. 20190098
Year 2016
Max Size
85.1 x 102.6 x 6 cm
Acrylic, charcoal pencil, silica sand, ink and paper on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
Sea Memory created with mixed media is HUANG Chiu-Yueh's use of abstract visual expressions to record fragmented memories of island life. In the picture, blue, black, white, coffee, and other non-image color blocks are stacked layer by layer to present the clear blue sea surface and the natural scenery of the coastal rocks. HUANG Chiu-Yueh uses painting to watch the external world and express her inner emotions. She draws her creative inspiration from the trivial things, the fresh feelings of travel, and the realization of life. Between her mind image and the object, art finally transcends the figurative barrier and transforms life, time, space, and all the constant feelings into pure essence on the canvas.