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Chrysanthemum Landscspe 1
HUANG Chiu-Yueh
NO. 20140573
Year 2010
Max Size
77 x 95.2 x 5.8 cm
Acrylic, ink, crayon and paper collage on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
HUANG Chiu-Yueh’s creative inspirations are mostly derived from her traveling experiences. Technique-wise, the artist has integrated eastern ink painting with western aesthetic approaches which establish a new venue of media application in the field of art. Chrysanthemum Landscape 1 is focused upon Chrysanthemum Island landscape. Blue tones employed in the background represent the embrace of the azure ocean. The stark contrast between yellow and white patches symbolizes simmering heat that lasts throughout the four seasons. The artist has incorporated ink painting essences within western artistic approaches, employing automatist techniques to dispense acrylic paint upon the Xuan paper canvas. Flowing lines and large color blocks as well as textures of varying thickness convey a space that integrates both surreal and realistic elements. By using this partially figurative presentation, HUANG Chiu-Yueh interprets her time traveling on Chrysanthemum Island, the fleeting sights she saw, and the impressions that these sights have left in her mind. The creation process serves both as an emotional release as well as a documented record of life.