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Play with Images
HUANG Chiu-Yueh
NO. 20140570
Year 2009
Max Size
95.5 x 120.7 x 6.3 cm
Acrylic, ink, crayon and paper collage on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
HUANG Chiu-Yueh mainly employs abstract techniques and the theme of her works is often based upon her experiences growing up in an agricultural household. Play with Images used three base tones of red, black, and white freely washing over patches of different sizes and creating different graphical layers. Automatist techniques were employed to create dynamic and off-balanced visual effects that include powerful elements of Chinese Shanshui paintings. Bodily and hand movements in the brushstrokes determine the trails left on the canvas, while large color patches and flowing color provide a uniform and harmonic base tone, allowing viewers to experience the powerful and emotional energy contained within the artwork.