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  • In Between: Giant Elephant's Ear.Fenglin Picture No.1,Total:1
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In Between: Giant Elephant's Ear.Fenglin
NO. 20200187
Year 2019
Max Size
124.4 x 155.7 x 4 cm
Digital photograph
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
The artworks of Mia Liu include space installations, graphic art, photography, videography, planting, etc., but the painterly quality is never absent from her works. Coloration, spatial arrangement, composition, and form are all elements to which she attaches great importance. In Between: Giant Elephant's Ear · Fenglin was created by Liu when she was artist-in-residence in Chishang, Taitung County. The photograph was taken north of Chishang in Fenglin, Hualien County and belongs to her In Between series of modified scenic photography. To enable on-site productions to be presented to a viewers in close to a one-to-one manner, she collaborated on this series with the photographer Chung Shun-Lung, who used a 4 x 5 folding camera. White net-like dots of various sizes are scattered across the leaves of the giant elephant ear plant in the picture, which eliminates the three-dimensional perspective of the planar space and tempts to viewer into mistaking it as the result of post-production processing of the image. It lets the viewer’s visual experience flip back and forth between reality and imagination, creates different spatial levels, and disturbs the boundary between virtual and real.