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In Between: Big Stone.Fenglin
NO. 20210225
Year 2019
Max Size
156 x 194.3 x 7 cm
Digital photograph
Artwork Appreciation
Anything in the world can attract the artist Mia Liu’s attention. During her periods of working as artist-in-residence in various places, she will focus on local scenery and relate to it through her works. In In Between: Big Stone.Fenglin she hoped to blend underwater bubbles into a scene of large boulders in Fenglin. She cut paper into bubble shapes, installed them into the scene, and then photographed it with a traditional film camera. Generally, images further away from the lens will be blurry, so she placed the large roundish pieces of paper in the forest 150 meters away from the lens, and controlled the bubbles’ size within the lens in a way that the scene far and near would be compressed into a flat picture. For her, everything seems to stop during the shooting process, but a sense of eternity is left in the resulting composition, and the viewer can sense the dampness and natural shadows on the paper.