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In Between: Silvergrass.Fenglin
NO. 20200186
Year 2019
Max Size
156 x 194.5 x 7 cm
Digital photograph
Artwork Appreciation
In Between: Silvergrass · Fenglin was created by Mia Liu when she was invited to be artist-in-residence in Chishang, Taitung County. At that time, she had been thinking about how to make a breakthrough so that the paintings she did on-site could be presented to an audience in close to a one-to-one manner. Later on, she went to Fenglin, whereshe was assistance by photographer Chung Shun-Lung, using a 4 x 5 folding camera to shoot the scenery. The fields of Fenglin gave her a wealth of inspiration, and she responded to the nature before her in an intuitive way. Liu pasted a lot of white insulating tape on the silver grass—a mild intervention for engaging in a dialogue with the scenery. The installation process had a lot of twists and turns: when everything was finally ready, the weather turned very windy and wet, and all of her hard work turned to naught. The final shot seemed to encompass the entire process. The tape turned into blank lines, so that only a lasting tranquility remained in an ever-swaying natural scene.