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A Little Madness in the Summer
NO. 20190176
Mixed Media
Year 2016
Max Size
90 x 90 x 17 cm
Artwork Appreciation
In order to find more openness and freedom in daily life, LIU Wen-Hsuan's creative forms include installations, visual arts, photography, video, planting, etc. A Little Madness in the Summer is made with long strips of painted paper. The curved pieces of paper are adhered to the white acrylic board to form a sculpture-like texture. Due to the colors on the back of the paper, a special halo is formed by the reflection of light. LIU Wen-Hsuan's imagination in the creative process extended painting to the sculpture, showing a variety of modeling elements. By inspiring many new inspirations in artistic creation, LIU Wen-Hsuan opens up new possibilities in the field of painting.