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In Between: Dolosse.Fenglin
NO. 20200185
Year 2019
Max Size
156 x 194 x 7 cm
Digital photograph
Artwork Appreciation
Mia Liu works with a great diversity of creative forms and media, and she likes to conduct various artistic experiments that flip and shuttle between graphic and three-dimensional, painting and photography, and so on, as they explore possibilities of different spatial dimensions. In Between: Dolosse · Fenglin is part of a landscape painting and photography series completed in 2019; this is also the largest documentary photography that Liu has created to date. The shooting location was in Fenglin, Hualien County, and the white squares scattered over the concrete tetrapods (widely used as breakwaters in Taiwan) look as if they were superimposed on the image with Photoshop software. In fact, they were the result of Liu and her assistants spending a lot of time at the site setting up the scene. For this series Liu especially invited the photographer Chung Shun-Lung to collaborate with her. He used an old-fashioned 4 x 5 folding camera with a long exposure time, striving to capture the clarity of all details and show both the realistic and abstract visual effects.