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Misplaced_Who are you waiting for?
JHAN Jhuang-Syuan
NO. 20180222
Year 2015
Max Size
116.9 x 165 x 5 cm
Oil and Paper on Canvas
Artwork Appreciation
JHAN Jhuang-Syuan's creation explores the relationship between people and space. In the work, Misplaced_Who Are You Waiting for, is a building that has been abandoned, leaving only the broken walls. He first paints the scene for the space, and then re-inserts the furniture in the space through transfer and sketches, trying to reconstruct this broken space so that it no longer pains because of the loss. The chairs and the clocks are placed in this space in an unusual way, suggesting that the space is waiting for someone, and at the same time, allowing the artist to reflect that these objects are imposed here only due to his own subjectivity and it is a wrong placement. Through speculation and the desire to construct space, JHAN Jhuang-Syuan attempts to complete the space and capture the story that belongs to this space.