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The Sense of Loss _ Storage Room
JHAN Jhuang-Syuan
NO. 20160058
Year 2013
Max Size
130 x 162 x 5 cm
Oil on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
JHAN Jhuang-Syuan’s work depicts a fractured indoor setting to convey the pain of deprivation and loss. The Sense of Loss_Storage Room depicts the storage room at the artist’s home. Coffee brown is used as the main color scheme of the entire composition to create the traces of time. Large, blank areas are deliberately left in a supposedly intact living quarter, reducing the work to a collection of separate fragments. To JHAN Jhuang-Syuan, important memories linked to himself exist in every corner of his family. The white areas represent the sense of deprivation and loss, while the blank areas represent pain. The portions that were shown, on the other hand, symbolize the remaining things he had left. JHAN Jhuang-Syuan uses painting as a remembrance for pain and reminds us to treasure what we have.