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Crime II
JHAN Jhuang-Syuan
NO. 20140271
Year 2013
Max Size
130.3 x 89.2 x 4.5 cm
Oil on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
JHAN Jhuang-Syuan’s works focus on family memories of sadness, poverty, and housing justice. Crime II illustrates illegal building additions that exist in Taiwanese societies which have appeared as a result of poverty. Grey and dark building additions rushing forth from a distant vantage point. The wide expanse of land has suddenly been dissected in the middle of the artwork, leaving a dusty white area that can only teeter on the brink of survival in the modern urban jungle. JHAN Jhuang-Syuan has employed his delicate sensitivities when studying the living environments of the poor, offering a sharp critique of society’s quickness to demonize the underclass. Sorrowful brushstrokes illustrate his contemplations as well as personal experiences to portray Taiwanese society and its hostility towards poverty.