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Who Cares About the Real
TU Pei-Shih
NO. 20190227
Year 2008
Max Size
Video (colour, sound)
Artwork Appreciation
TU Pei-Shih is good at creating fictional scenes, discussing what the influences of capitalism, globalization, and nationalism on the society are. In Who Cares about the Real, she uses hand-made collages and a lot of misappropriation of existing images. In the work, the artist chooses The Guardian's Japanese G8 summit news in 2008 as the material. All colorful plants, vegetables, and fruits as collage elements are decorated around the picture. Representatives from various countries around the table happily discuss international affairs and global development goals. The decorative visual style and the photos of the luxurious diners reorganize the seemingly joyous theater-like layout. The ironic dinner scene serves as sarcasm for food crisis and economic issues in First World countries.