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TU Pei-Shih
NO. 20180137
Year 2017
Max Size
Video (colour, sound)
Artwork Appreciation
TU Pei-Shih uses stop-motion animation as the medium for creation, and her works often carry a characteristic of revelation. The work, Tilted, uses light and death as the intertwining narrative elements. In the image sits three figures representing the three major religions in the world: The Pope, the Caliph, and the Pharaoh. They are all trying to sit on the tilted thrones. The detailed picture captures the light and shadow of the flash, and the work uses elements often expressed in a vanitas, surrounding the image with different kinds of flowers, skulls, fruits, etc. These objects symbolize death, aging, and the fragility of life, showing that in the face of death, everything in life is void. TU Pei-Shih reflects on the contemporary social phenomena through the narration of fictional images.