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The Visible Story
TU Pei-Shih
NO. 20190011
Year 2012
Max Size
Three-channel video (colour, sound)
Artwork Appreciation
TU Pei-Shih features stop motion animation and collage as media, to explore issues related to globalization, capitalism and the national politics machine. The Visible Story made of three animation works creates a giant epic scene. 60 renowned historical figures from the world were once deemed invisible due to some reasons, some are cited from the images of classics, and some are the canned information from the internet. The story begins with a stretching exercise in the sunny morning, then the floral landscape of André Bauchant, Wu Liyuge, to the mysterious forest of Henri Rousseau; the whole film presents a cheerful atmosphere in saturated high-chroma tones. TU Pei-Shih's reinterprets the figures who have disappeared in history once through animation, highlighting the significant difference between fictional life and real historical events.