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Fortune is Fun
TU Pei-Shih
NO. 20160146
Year 2011
Max Size
41.4 x 32 x 3.4 cm
Digital print collage on paper with gold colour powder
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
TU Pei-Shih often adopts a narrative filled with fantasies to respond to the conflicts and ridiculous nature of the real world. Fortune is Fun shows fortune tellers from various cultures providing palm-reading, interpreting divination lots, using tarot cards, reading astrology, reviewing names, looking at life wheels and engaging in other fortune telling rituals. Some of the patrons of these fortune tellers wear somber expressions, while others look pleased, creating a busy and boisterous atmosphere. Plants and decorative items designed to improve luck and fortune are also assembled as parts of the composition. TU Pei-Shih uses fortune telling as an element to convey the people’s uncertainty towards life and the unknown as well as the inner desire to control their fate while reflecting upon the spiritual poverty of many people.