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Santa Brings Joy to Everyone
TU Pei-Shih
NO. 20160147
Year 2011
Max Size
64.5 x 64.5 x 3.3 cm
Digital print and Ready-made collage on paper
Artwork Appreciation
TU Pei-Shih often adopts a narrative filled with fantasies to respond to the conflicts and ridiculous nature of the real world. Santa Bring Joys to Everyone shows a lush, green land filled with life against a gold background with lovely angels flying around in the sky while disseminating joy and happiness. Santa is on the lawn distributing gifts to children who, upon closer inspection, include a Muslim girl wearing her hijab as well as boys and girls of various ethnicities and skin color wearing costumes of different religions and folk cultures, making this composition entirely different compared to the conventional Christmas images and graphics we see. TU Pei-Shih changed the stereotypical view of Christmas images to induce viewers to move away from convention and think about the hidden meanings and influences of mass media.