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Transplant ∞ Mutiplication Plan 12
CHANG Hsien-Wen
NO. 20190218
Year 2014
Max Size
65 x 195 x 5 cm
Acrylic,charcoal, pastel, and pencil on Wood
Artwork Appreciation
To create an optical illusion, CHANG Hsien-Wen's Transplant ∞ Multiplication Plan 12 juxtaposes the composition elements of the graphic design and the 3D drawing. He observes the different thicknesses of wooden textures and applies paint to three square pictures. The pictures are covered with lines and geometric figures of contrasting colors. The flowing lines symbolize the sequence of past and future. The artist's strengths of stokes are sometimes heavy and sometimes light, just like the way people's past is imprinted on their hearts and their fleeting connections to the future. Lines and blocks create a new space, conveying CHANG Hsien-Wen's imagination of "place." It is a state that is constantly being changed, laid out, constructed and demolished.