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Transplant ∞ Mutiplication Plan-1
CHANG Hsien-Wen
NO. 20170056
Year 2014
Max Size
150 x 450 x 5 cm
Acrylic,charcoal pencil,pastel,and pencil on wood
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
CHANG Hsien-Wen’s “Transplant ∞ Multiplication Plan-1” is an attempt to explore the relationship between people and space created using acrylic paint, pencil, fine charcoal pens, and powder pigments. Square-shaped wooden panels were used for presenting the primal energies of abstract creations, functioning like the land upon which all life grows. Circular dots, triangles, and lines are used as elements to create color patches with openings and protruding patches arranged in a way to reflect the spatial fantasies of the real world. The composition deliberately recreates the vast expanse of the Universe and represents the exploration of the unknown. An individual entity, while engaged in a plan of infinite reproduction, also undergoes migration, settling down, destruction, and creation. CHANG Hsien-Wen uses geometric abstract artworks to contemplate the development of civilization and the mutual relationship of everything in the Universe.