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Transplant ∞ Multiplication Plan: E-I-E-I-O
CHANG Hsien-Wen
NO. 20170171
Year 2015
Max Size
23.5 x 119.8 x 119.8 cm
Acrylic,charcoal pencil,pastel,and pencil on wood
Artwork Appreciation
CHANG Hsien-Wen’s Transplant ∞ Multiplication Plan: E-I-E-I-O investigates the relationship between people and space and between different spaces. A number of cubes are covered with abstract geometries of various dimensions. The cubes represent units undergoing cadastral measurements. The abraded textures symbolize undeveloped land, while dots, parallel lines, and other geometric shapes that cover the surfaces symbolize repeating cycles of development and construction. Thus, the cubes can also be regarded as buildings rising up from the level ground. CHANG Hsien-Wen uses geometric shapes and colors to mold abstract spatial concepts as a means to reflect upon the contradictions between the land and human development.