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Transplant ∞ Mutiplication Plan 5
CHANG Hsien-Wen
NO. 20180045
Year 2014
Max Size
62.6 x 62.5 x 6.9 cm x 5p
Acrylic,charcoal pencil,pastel,pencil, and stickers on wood
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
CHANG Hsien-Wen’s work Transplant∞Multiplication Plan 5 attempts to explore the relationship between men and space. He creates abstract geometric space on square planks. In the picture, the clustered circles seem to move in a certain direction, trying to find a new land. Each circle symbolizes an individual, with identical size, shape, and color, meaning that we often need to hide ourselves to accommodate others within a social structure. The geometric blocks and horizontal lines of variegated textures symbolize undeveloped land and the trajectory of movement; the ambiguous lines and translucent squares are sketches of the development plans. CHANG Hsien-Wen explores the infinite cycles of replication within the development and construction of civilization using geometrically abstract space.