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WU Yi-Tze
NO. 20190053
Year 2017
Max Size
93 x 134 x 7 cm
Oil on canvas
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
WU Yi-Tze paints uninhibited scenes to recall those nearly forgotten territories, and depicts the rural landscape realistically from the perspective of local observations. Newborn is an oil painting of his hometown; away from home for a long time, he recalls the change in his hometown and the good memories in mind. The picture shows daily scenery in Taiwan, such as the blue iron roll-up door with the words "Do not park here", sheet metal houses, painted transformer boxes on the street corner, street lights and power poles, it’s a comfy noon after the rain took away the mess and the sultriness, the air has become fresh and transparent, and sunlight pierces through the dark clouds on the great land.