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Soul Landscape- Life of Faith
WU Yi-Tze
NO. 20140074
Year 2012
Max Size
130.5 x 162 x 3.5 cm
Oil on canvas
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
Artist WU Yi-Tze is good at creation of oil paintings. His work Soul Landscape series is a creation taking daily landscape as the theme. In the work Life of Faith, the composition is made by perspective from the front to the rear so that the space stretches inwards. Three kinds of most commonly seen buildings in Taiwan are visible sequentially: ancient house, metal hut, and mansion. The artist adopts the presentation of back-lighted reality. It is implying we are in a highly competitive society. If we don’t want to be eliminated, we must work hard to step forwards. In the journal of life, we should keep shining upon others. However, WU Yi-Tze thinks the richness and prosperity people struggle for are just a visionary dream in the end. WU Yi-Tze presents the image by combining the insecurity and irony he felt in life and the external landscape in the plane painting. He hopes to look for the spiritual peace in the chaotic reality in this way.