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Soul Landscape- Flower
WU Yi-Tze
NO. 20140075
Year 2012
Max Size
148 x 114 x 6 cm
Oil on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
Artist WU Yi-Tze is good at creation of oil paintings. His work Soul Landscape series is a creation taking daily landscape as the theme. In the work Flower, he takes the material from the blossoming flower in the morning. The artist adopts the presentation of back-lighted reality to imply the short process of life as the beautiful flower. During the limited and valuable period of time, the flower shows its beautiful gesture and expression. It creates the permanent symphony of fate even though its beauty is doomed to fade away. In the image, we see the warm morning sunshine shines on the land and makes all creatures glow. The artist delivers a positive philosophy through his creation. He thinks keeping an optimistic and positive attitude can increase the abundance of life. The challenge and difficulties confronted in the adversity will be solved in this way.