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Fall Flowering
LO Ya-Lan
NO. 20140582
Year 2008
Max Size
120.7 x 80.7 x 4 cm
Oil and lace on canvas
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
LO Ya-Lan uses brilliant kaleidoscopic colors to construct her inner fantasies. Lo Ya-Lan’s Fall Flowering employed figures of different sizes to create a beauteous mountain landscape. Light green skies and fluffy clouds outline the composition. The background includes a dense patchwork used to compose the meadows, each block filled with circular dots, grids, hearts, and curls. The center of the canvas is dominated by a tree-like assemblage, sprouting pink and blue colored leaves. The tree trunk is decorated with different patterns allowed to develop freely upon the canvas. The result is a story-like image composed of random arrangements as well as simple lines and figures.